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PCB Manufacture

Here at Litho Circuits we have over 37 years of experience, with competitive pricing, excellent quality, and on-time delivery being our priorities. We include Design and Engineering Support, DFM support and Pre-Fab consultation.

Having started PCB procurement as early as 1986 a large percentage of Litho business is on sourcing PCBs globally. Suppliers are vendor assessed regularly to evaluate quality, delivery and price. This is done by use of trial orders and site visits. Existing vendor orders are monitored monthly giving reports on delivery, performance and price evaluations.

We specialize in

  • Quick Turn
  • Low/Medium/Volume Production
  • High Technology
  • Providing a one-stop solution for all your PCB requirements
  • Sourcing through Asia, USA, and Europe

Manufacturing service capabilities

  • High density interconnect (HDl)
  • Impedance control
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Up to 3mil/s Trace/space width
  • Rigid, flex and rigid-flex boards
  • Standard laminates and exotics – FR4, High Tg variants, Polyimide, Getek, Rogers, Nelco
  • Various surface solderable finishes etc.
  • Full body hard gold
  • Two stage hard gold processing


  • FR4 (High speed and High Tg variants)
  • Polyimide
  • BT
  • PTFE (various types)
  • Non-Woven Aramids
  • Kevlar
  • Cyanate Ester
  • Thermount
  • Polyimide Kapton
  • Copper Invar Copper
  • Molybdenum

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