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PCB Assembly & Kitting

PCB Assembly

Litho Circuits offer PCB Assembly Services on low/medium/volume quantities in conjunction with our Global Partners

  • SMT and BGA assembly
  • Double sided reflow
  • Mixed technology
  • Automated and hand assembly
  • Box build
  • AOI & X-Ray inspection available
  • Flying Probe test
  • Highly trained and skilled staff

Accreditations and workmanship standards: IPC A 610 D, ISO9001:2015

PCB Kitting

  • Low volume prototype
  • Sourcing of ‘hard to get parts’
  • Computerized stock system customized to individual requirements
  • Just-In-Time inventory management
  • Long established global supply chain for parts
  • Specialists in kitting for the Semi-Conductor sector
  • Complete Cable assembly solution also available

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